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we bring together and squeeze the best out of local creative minds, from bloggers, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, baristas to bartenders. those in the know. now you have access their insights and collective secrets about what is really happening


so embrace spontaneous adventures. explore the newest and greatest spots to eat, drink, watch and play. stumble across an unknown food truck or micro club to dance. uncover epic coffee, alley art or a hidden rum bar. there is no time to be bored, go discover with jamjar


The new, old kid on the block

It was an honour to attend the reopening of the new look George street quarters and what a tantalizing experience it was. This newly fitted out space comes with a wealth of history and the facade [...]

Opening a can of spray paint

There is a special type of old school order and respect when it comes to the street art industry. To establish respect as an artist, you will definitely need to earn it, no matter how talented [...]

Art + Chow

JamJar’s philosophy focuses on highlighting the unique creatives from each local community. What better way to do that than to host an event at the brand new, Good Things cafe in Mosman Park? [...]

the team

  • Jacqui Hunt
    Jacqui Hunt

    After completing her studies in Marketing and Communications, Jacqui is proud to say she quotes The Simpsons at an expert level. She is also exceptional at stalking insta-famous style icons. In addition to these skills, Jacqui splits her time between working in radio and running her own fashion blog, Fear and Clothing.

  • Justin Blackford
    Justin Blackford

    The brains behind The Skinny Perth, a well loved food blog. Justin recently started his own walking tours aimed at foodies. A man with a lot of expertise in the where, when and what to eat (and drink), listen to him.

  • David Brown
      David Brown

      A jamjar founder who clings to his distant Scottish heritage through his fiendish love for a whisky and/or a pint. With a strong focus on jamjar’s brand strategy he is on a quest for all things that truly inspire people.

    • Charles Stewart
      Charles Stewart

      The Handsome barista himself. Former WA barista champ and head of the WA barista academy, Charles knows his beans. Look out for his next venture coming very soon in the heart of Freo…

    • Magnus Newman
      Magnus Newman

      Magnus tried becoming a chef once. He failed after six months of his apprenticeship. Now using the degree he worked hard for, Magnus is a copywriter by day, critic by night, writing for the WA Good Food Guide and his blog.

    • Rhodri Thomas
        Rhodri Thomas

        Founder of jamjar & long time enthusiast for most things that are consumable. Rhod has spent his adult life in hospitality, from bars to wineries, and now for some reason considers himself worth listening to.

      • Ben Thomas
        Ben Thomas

        Armed with a PhD in wine tourism and a passion for wine, when not collaborating with JamJar Ben is bringing WA wine to the masses by showcasing the best of WA’s boutique wines and wine tourism experiences through his web platform Vine Collective.

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